German Pils w/ Hallertau Blanc (Gizmodo Pils) (German Pils | 5D) - Tasting

German Pils w/ Hallertau Blanc (Gizmodo Pils) (German Pils 5D) - Tasting

A “modern” German-style Pilsner. Brewed with 100% new-school German Hallertau Blanc hops.

Recipe for this post can be found here.


The beer pours a pale straw color that is almost completely clear. An inch of fluffy white head sits atop the beer with some lacing on the inside of the glass as it settles. There is visible and vibrant carbonation bubbles.


The aroma on this beer is on the mild side, yet pleasant. There are some bready notes along with floral and a kiss of gooseberry.


The beer is light in body with a medium-high amount of carbonation. There are subtle white wine notes, but the floral character is what dominates the taste. It finishes crisp with a delightful bitterness that begs another sip.


I’ve only used Hallertau Blanc hops for dry-hopping a barrel-aged sour beer. This was my first time using it in the hot side. From it’s description, I was expecting it to taste something more like a New Zealand Pilsner. However it definitely leans more towards a traditional floral-forward Pislner. There are the white wine / gooseberry notes but they take a back seat to the floral flavors.

I really enjoy this one and would brew it again in the future. The sub 5% ABV makes this very sessionable and it’s a pleasant beer to drink in general.