Surfing Gizzy West Coast IPA (American IPA | 21A) - Tasting

Surfing Gizzy West Coast IPA (American IPA 21A) - Tasting

This West Coast IPA uses a hop combination of Enigma, Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin along with my normal malt bill of ~75% Pilsner and ~25% Pale Malt.

Recipe for this post can be found here.


This beer pours mostly clear with some haze. It’s not quite as clear as my last batch of West Coast IPA, but it also has been kegged for a much shorter amount of time. I expect it to get nearly crystal clear after another week or two conditioning in the keg. It has a straw color with orange highlights. It pours a sticky 1/2 inch of white head that leaves plenty of lacing on the inside of the glass.


The aroma has very faint notes of blueberry, white grape and pine. I’m impressed with the aromatics, likely from the dry hop combination of Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin.


Light in body with a medium amount of carbonation. The taste has some raspberry notes in addition to the white grape. The blueberry from the nose isn’t detectable to me in the taste. It finishes with a slightly more aggressive bitterness than my last batch of West Coast IPA. I don’t mind it at all!


I really enjoy the complexity of this beer. The mix of popular hop varieites from Australia, New Zealand and the United States really works well. I’ve had this mix of varieties in commercial Hazy IPAs, but not as many West Coast IPAs. This is definitely a good mix and something I’d be interested in experimenting with more in the future.