HBC 586 / McKenzie West Coast IPA (American IPA 21A) - Tasting

HBC 586 / McKenzie West Coast IPA (American IPA 21A) - Tasting

In this recipe I utilizted 2 newer hop varieties (HBC 586 and McKenzie) while keeping my normal malt bill for West Coast IPAs.

Recipe for this post can be found here.


The beer pours about an inch of fluffy white foam that leaves gobs of lacing as it dies down. It is crystal clear with a light straw color. There is an abundant amount of carbonation visible.


The aroma consists of pine, diesel and a general round fruitiness. It’s not super expressive, but does open up a bit as it warms.


There is a medium amount of carbonation. Pine and resin seem to dominate but there are some brighter fruity flavors like citrus and grapefruit. It finishes with a moderate bitterness mixed in with some almost lemon like flavor.


This beer turned out pretty good. It lands somewhere between a really dank IPA and a very fruity IPA. The bitterness helps with drinkability while not being overbearing. Looking forward to using more of both of these hops in the future.