Chasing Comets (American IPA | 21A)

Chasing Comets (American IPA 21A)

A West Coast IPA with Cryo Columbus, Simcoe and Cryo Citra.

Recipe for this post can be found here.


Pours a thick white head with great retention. The beer is a pale straw color and is nearly crystal clear. The clarity is somewhat surprising considering how fresh it is and that I didn’t using any fining gelatin. It cleared up remakrably well in the unitank. There are some visible carbonation bubbles.


The aroma on this one is very strong and can be smelled before my nose gets close to the glass. I get mostly dank/catty notes along with citrus and a touch of pine.


Medium in carbonation and light in body.

As noted in the aroma, up front I get pine and dank notes. The citrus flavors hit near the finish and are swept away by a moderate bitterness that is somewhat dry.


This is only my second batch in the SS Brewtech Unitank and I’m happy with the results. This new vessel has had a very steep learning curve, but each batch gets slightly easier and with fewer mistakes. The beer itself sits at a great ABV range for the style and has some classic west coast flavors.