West Coast Pilsner (German Pils | 5D) - Tasting

West Coast Pilsner (German Pils 5D) - Tasting

A “West Coast” Pilsner with Mosaic and HBC 586 hops.

Recipe for this post can be found here.


Pours a pale straw color with a fluffy white head that has good retention. The beer is pretty clear at this point with about a month in the keg. Carbonation bubbles are visible.


The nose is pretty aromatic. The fruity hops make themselves apparent along with a subtle sweet bready flavor from the pilsner malt. It’s not has hop forward as an IPA, but that’s to be expected as it has a more subtle hop schedule compared to that style.


The beer has a medium amount of carbonation. The taste begins with a mild bitterness. The pilsner malt flavor arrives next before the hops take over towards the finish. The hop flavor is punchy with some dank berry notes. The beer is crisp and pretty dry (this particular batch finished at OG 1.005).


I’ve tasted a few versions of the “West Coast” Pilsner, but this is my first time trying to brew one. I modeled this recipe after my typical New Zealand Pilsner but with American hops (and larger amounts than I typically use in the New Zeland Pilsner). Overall I think it turned out really well and is hoppy, crisp, low ABV and most of all delicious.