HBC 586 West Coast IPA - Tasting

HBC 586 West Coast IPA - Tasting

This recipe uses my house IPA grain bill and was hopped exclusively with HBC-586 in the boil, whirlpool and dry hop additions.


Pours a mostly clear, pale straw color. The beer itself is really light with a touch of haze that will likely clear up more in the keg. I get about 1/2” of white head that leaves decent lacing.


The aroma is very aromatic. It has notes of melon, citrus and subtle pineapple or some other sweeter fruit.


The beer is light in body with medium carbonation. The taste is quite interesting and has a lot various fruit characteristics I picked up in the aroma. In addition to the melon, citrus and sweet fruit I get a touch of herbal notes. No real pine or dank flavors from this hop.


This is a really nice hop variety. I’d love to pair it with something like Simcoe or Chinook to get some pine and possibly some dank notes. I think that would play well with the medley of fruit flavors. I’m looking forward to future IPAs with this hop variety.