pdXiversary (Schwarzbier (Black Beer)) - Tasting

pdXiversary (Schwarzbier (Black Beer)) - Tasting

This recipe uses a hybrid lager/ale yeast (Imperial G03 Dieter) that was inspired by a brulosophy reciepe. It was fermented in th high 50’s / low 60’s.


The beer produces a fluffy tan head from the tap. The beer itself is clear, but dark. It has a brownish-red tint to it, but you can see through it when held up to the light. There’s a little bit of lacing as the foam dies down.


The aroma is quite interesting. You get some cacao and coffee with just a small amount of fruitiness. The fruitiness is likely a by-product of fermenting with a Kölsch yeast strain. It’s not overpowering at all, just slightly present in the background.


The beer is decievingly light in body and is has a nice crispness to it. It has a medium amount of carbonation. As the aroma alludes, there are some cacao and coffee flavors throughout the taste. The finish contains a whisper of the fruity esters from the yeast.


Despite a number of problems I had using new equipment with this batch, the end product still turned out really well! Having a lower ABV beer that is crisp and packed with flavor during the cooler months is a great option.