Hints of Dank (West Coast IPA) - Tasting

Hints of Dank (West Coast IPA) - Tasting

I based this recipe off of Grains of Wrath’s Dystopia IPA. From the description on their website:

Northwest IPA using Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic to bring flavors and aromas of pine and tropical fruit. 6.7% ABV


The beer pours with a fluffy white head with plenty of lacing. The color is a medium gold and has a slight haze despite conditioning for a few weeks and the use of gelatin.


The aroma is a mix of citrus, pine and diesel. The citrus is the most subtle with the diesel being more prominent in the tail-end of the aroma. As the name suggests, it’s got some dankness.


There is moderate carbonation with a light body. The flavor has a touch of citrus, but features more dank and diesel flavors. There is a mild sweetness towards the end of the taste and it has a pleasant medium bitterness in the finish.


Overall I think this beer turned out pretty well. I was somewhat surprised that it did not clear up more. While not being an exact clone of Dystopia, it definitely shares some of the flavor profile of that beer. I plan on doing a closer clone in the future by incorporating some Mosaic hops.

This beer is a solid west-coast IPA that I’m happy to have on tap.