Cranberry pLambic Version 1

Brew Type: All Grain Date: 10/30/2010
Style: Fruit Lambic Brewer:
Batch Size: 5.50 gal Assistant Brewer:
Boil Volume: 6.62 gal Boil Time: 90 min
Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00 %

Brewing Steps
Check Time Step
10/30/2010 Clean and prepare equipment.
Measure ingredients, crush grains.
Prepare 8.12 gal water for brewing
Prepare Ingredients for Mash

Amount Item Type
7.50 lb Pilsner (2 Row) Bel (2.0 SRM) Grain
5.00 lb Wheat, Flaked (1.6 SRM) Grain
WARNING: Preheat Mash Tun – No equipment adjustments made!
2 min Mash Ingredients
Acid Rest: Add 25.00 qt of water at 97.1 F
45 min – Hold mash at 95.0 F for 45 min
2 min Protein Rest: Decoct 6.67 qt of mash and boil it
60 min – Hold mash at 122.0 F for 60 min
2 min Saccharification: Decoct 8.35 qt of mash and boil it
15 min – Hold mash at 148.0 F for 15 min
2 min Saccharification: Decoct 4.52 qt of mash and boil it
15 min – Hold mash at 158.0 F for 15 min
10 min Mash Out: Heat to 168.0 F over 10 min
10 min – Hold mash at 168.0 F for 10 min
Sparge with 1.87 gal of 168.0 F water.
Add water to achieve boil volume of 6.62 gal
Estimated Pre-boil Gravity is: 1.048 SG with all grains/extracts added
Boil for 90 min Boil Ingredients

Boil Amount Item Type
90 min 0.50 oz Saaz [4.00 %] (90 min) Hops
Cool wort to fermentation temperature
Add water (as needed) to achieve volume of 5.50 gal
Siphon wort to primary fermenter and aerate wort.
Add Ingredients to Fermenter

Amount Item Type
1 Pkgs Belgian Lambic Blend (Wyeast Labs #3278) Yeast-Ale
1 Pkgs California Ale (White Labs #WLP001) Yeast-Ale
10/30/2010 Measure Original Gravity: ________ (Estimate: 1.057 SG)
10/30/2010 Measure Batch Volume: ________ (Estimate: 5.50 gal)
545 days Ferment in primary for 545 days at 68.0 F
4/27/2012 Measure Final Gravity: ________ (Estimate: 1.017 SG)
Bottle beer at 60.0 F with 8.3 oz of corn sugar.
4.0 Weeks Age for 4.0 Weeks at 52.0 F
5/25/2012 Sample and enjoy!

Taste Rating (50 possible points): 35.0

Rested for 15 minutes @ 113F, then added 1.53 quarts of boiling water. Stirred and rested for 15 minutes.
Added 7.31 quarts of boiling water. Tmperature only raised to 140F. Added two more quarts of boiling water to bring temperature to 149F. Rested for 45 minutes.
Added 4.12 quarts of boiling water and temperature only reached 150F. Added 1.7 gallons of 190F water to bring to 153F. Gave up hitting 159F. Rested for 30 minuts.
Collected 7.2 gallons and boiled. Preboil gravity was 1.040.
Added 1/2 gallon of water to reach 5.5 gallons in the carboy.
Added dregs from RR Supplication.
10/31 – Primary fermentation going strong after 24 hours
11/2 – Added dregs from RR Temptation
12/20 – Moved carboy upstairs b/c temperatures in the basement were in the low 50’s
5/14 – Sample pulled got a gravity reading of 1.009. Has a barnyard funk and slight sour/tart smell. Reminds me of RR Temptation. Funky and tart, sort of resembles very tart apple juice. Going to let it sit for another 6 months.
7/3 – Moved to basement b/c of high temps. Temperature is sitting around 68F
9/20 – Samplue pulled and gravity was still reading 1.009. Definetly has a funky smell (not bad), along pear and tartness. It’s extremely clear wiht a staw color. It tastes much tarter than the last tasting. Cranberries would go very well with this beer. Pear and apple juice in the taste. High carbonation would really work well with the tartness. Debating what to do before the move. I think I’d like to add the fruit and do what people at homebrewtalk said which is flush a keg with CO2, add the beer and then flush it again to clear the head space so that it survives the move with the sloshing and temperature changes.
10/4/11 – Added 3 lbs of cranberries to a co2 flushed keg and then racked the beer on top. It is very full, left some beer behind in the carboy 🙁
12/12/11 – Pulled a sample and checked the gravity. Still at 1.009. I don’t think this is going to change anymore. Doesn’t have the pink color I thought it might from the cranberries. The aroma still has that funky, pear-like smell. There is also very light cranberry. The cranberries have really helped with the flavor. Still some funky horse blanket and pear but there is a biting cranberry tartness from the middle though the finish. Very refeshing. This would be nice bottled with high carbonation. Going to let it sit until January sometime and then bottle.

1/7/2012 – Bottled this beast! Used 3.75 vols for carbonation. Input 4.5 gallons @ 68F unblended Lambic into mrtasty’s calculator. Added 6.6oz of table sugar and 1/3 packet of champange/late summer wine yeast. Bottled 38 12oz bottles and 5 22oz bottles.