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Tasting: Mosaic, Galaxy and Huell Melon IPA (TBIBTFGSS)


I brewed this IPA about 3 months ago.  You can read up on the brew day here.  I was shooting for about 7.5% abv, but this monster ended up just shy of 8% abv.  It’s extremely drinkable despite the abv, …

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Tasting: Hazy Potion (NE Style IPA)

Hazy Potion (NE Style IPA)

A month or two ago I posted an article on the hazy NE style IPAs.  Afterwards I gave this style a try and formulated and brewed a recipe.  This beer used generous amounts of Mosaic and Ctira hops as late additions, …

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Brew Day and Fermentation: NE Style IPA (Hazy Potion)

NE Style IPA Ingredients

After doing some research on what exactly makes a NE style IPA, I decided to develop a recipe and run with it.  For the grain bill I wanted to shoot for 20% adjunct.  I ended up with 77% Pale Malt, …

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Tasting: Solera Project: Nectarine (2016)

Solera Project: Nectarine (2016)

A little background on this beer.   It was created the same time as the blueberry version, so sorry if this is repetitive! The base beer is a Belgian style blonde ale that was soured and aged in a 65 …

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Tasting: Happy Cup Coffee Stout

Happy Cup Coffee Stout

I brewed this 3- 6 months ago and am down to the final few pints.  I couldn’t find the recipe or any notes for this brew, but am 95% sure the base recipe was the same as one I brewed …

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Musings on NE Style IPAs

Tree House - Alter Ego IPA

There’s been a lot of buzz in the brewing and homebrewing scene over the new kid on the block, the NE (North East / New England) style IPA.  In this post I’ll get into what the characteristics are of a …

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Tasting: Solera Project: Blueberry (2016)

Solera Project: Blueberry (2016)

A little background on this beer.  The base beer is a Belgian style blonde ale that was soured and aged in a 65 gallon Chardonnay barrel for 2+ years.  We pulled off 5 gallons and racked it on to about 8 …

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Brew Day: IPA #3 (Huell Melon, Galaxy, and Mosaic)

Imperial A20 Citrus Yeast

It’s been quite some time since I’ve brewed an IPA and I have plenty of hops I’ve yet to experiment with.  Today I brewed up an IPA using Huell Melon, Galaxy and Mosaic hops.  I used a grain bill I’m …

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Tasting: Solera Project Huell Melon & Amarillo Dry Hop (2015)

Solera Project: Huell Melon & Amarillo Dry Hop (2015)

In my last post I talked about dry hopping sour and wild beer.  The inspiration for that post came from creating the beer I’m tasting today.  This beer was aged in a 65 gallon Chardonnay barrel for 2 years.  We pulled …

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Dry Hopping Sour and Wild Beer

Hops for experimenting dry hopping sour beer.

Having experimented with dry hopping sour and wild beer this past summer (as well as actually dry hopping a batch), I thought it would be a great idea to document some findings based on our experiments.  The results were surprising …

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