Tasting: Solera Project: Mosaic And Hallertau Blanc Dry Hop (2016)

Solera Project: Mosaic And Hallertau Blanc Dry Hop (2016)

Solera Project: Mosaic And Hallertau Blanc Dry Hop (2016)

The base beer for this is a sour blonde ale.  It’s been aging in our 65 gallon Chardonnay barrel for about 3 years.  We use the Solera method where a portion of beer is taken out and fresh beer replaces it.

This is our second batch of dry-hopped Solera beer.  You can read about our process for determining which hops and what quantities to use here and here.  For this 5 gallon batch we dry-hopped with 2 oz Mosaic and 2 oz Hallertau Blanc.  We let the beer remain in contact with the hops for ~2 weeks then cold crashed and bottled.

Appearance – Pours a brilliant straw color with about a half inch of fizzy white head that eventually settles to a small ring after a minute or two.  There is vibrant and visible carbonation bubbles.

Aroma – The aroma on this beer is incredible, especially as it warms.  There are a lot of white wine notes that I believe are imparted by the Hallertau Blanc hops.  There’s also a mix of soft blueberry and vanilla from the Mosaic hops and barrel respectively.  Finally there are some citric and lemony notes.

Mouthfeel – Carbonation on this batch is pretty good.  It produces a tingly sensation and is probably around medium – high.  The body is light but still has a fuller creamy feeling to it which is very desirable.

Taste – All of the flavors in this beer meld together extremely well.  The beer begins with some semi-sweet white wine flavors before transforming into mild blueberry and follows suit with citrus and lemon.  It finishes bone dry teasing you into another sip.

I really enjoyed our first batch of dry-hopped Solera beer, but think this one turned out even better.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with more dry-hop variations in the future.

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