Tasting: Solera Project: Peach (2015)

Solera Project: Peach (2015)

Solera Project: Peach (2015)

The base beer for this is a sour blonde ale.  It’s been aging in our 65 gallon Chardonnay barrel for about 3 years.  We use the Solera method where a portion of beer is taken out and fresh beer replaces it.  For this beer we froze about 8 pounds of locally sourced peaches before adding them to the secondary fermenter.  We let the transferred sour Solera beer age on the fruit for just over 3 months before bottling.

Appearance – Pours fairly clear with a faint straw color similar to the base beer.  The peaches don’t really add any color to the beer.  It’s apparent right away (even with a vigorous pour) that the carbonation on this batch is pretty low.  There are a few bubbles, but no real head appears.

Aroma – The nose on this beer has a bright peach aroma, but it’s not just the fruit, I also get a little bit of the skin.  There are some faint oak notes, but the fruit is what shines in the aroma.

Mouthfeel – As expected this is only very lightly carbonated.  The beer still has a nice soft mouthfeel from the wood.

Taste – This tastes like straight up peach juice.  It’s got a tart finish, but not overly sour or acidic.  There’s a little bit of vanilla swirled in with the peach flavors.

Overall this batch turned out pretty darn good.  I do with the carbonation level was higher, but besides that I don’t have much to critique.

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