Tasting: Solera Project: Peaches And Cherries (2014)

Solera Project: Cherries and Peaches (2014)

Solera Project: Cherries and Peaches (2014)

This batch was from our first pull from the barrel back in 2014.  The base beer for this is a sour blonde ale.  This was our first batch to use more than just one fruit.  We’ve done 2 batches since then with multiple fruit, but both are currently aging and won’t be ready until early 2017.

Unfortunately we didn’t keep as detailed notes back during the first batches, so I’m approximating the actual amount of fruit.  I recall it being quite a bit.  I think it was somewhere around 10 pounds of peaches and 6-8 pounds of cherries.  Again I don’t recall the exact type of cherries, but they were sweeter rather than tart.

Appearance – Pours clear with a small white head that fizzes away pretty quickly.  The beer has more of an orange tint to it then the straight base beer.

Aroma – The aroma on this beer is vibrant and fantastic.  Sweet peach and cherry with some acidity present.  The 2 fruits round out one another and make a very pleasant experience.  As it warms I get more vanilla notes in the background from the oak.

Mouthfeel – The carbonation on this batch is pretty solid.  I think I’d like it to be just slightly higher (like the Kiwi Berry version) but it’s a minor complaint.  It’s still pretty fizzy and scrubs the tongue after swallowing.

Taste – The taste begins with a bright cherry flavor that melds into a mellow peachy flavor.  More of the oak character is present mid-taste with a balanced sourness lingering into the finish.  In addition to the sourness there is more of a tart peach flavor as you swallow.

I was very pleased with how this version turned out.  I do enjoy peach sour beers, but sometimes the acidity gets to be too much.  Even in our peach version of our solera project (tasting notes coming soon) it is a bit too much.  Having another fruit to pair with the peach cuts the acidity and adds additional layers of complexity to the beer.

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