Tasting: Solera Project: Kiwi Berry (2016)

Transferring the base sour beer on to the kiwi berries.

Transferring the base sour beer on to the kiwi berries.

The base beer for this is a sour blonde ale.  It’s been aging in our 65 gallon Chardonnay barrel for about 3 years.  We use the Solera method where a portion of beer is taken out and fresh beer replaces it.  For this beer we froze about 8 pounds of locally source kiwi berries before adding them to the fermenter.  We let the transferred sour Solera beer age on the fruit for just over 3 months before bottling.

Before this beer I have never tasted, seen, or heard of a Kiwi Berry.  They sort of look like green olives with more of a green grape/citrus flavor.  When you cut them open they have the signature kiwi seed pattern on the inside.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this fruit.  I thought the taste was fairly mild.  To my surprise, this may be one of my favorite variations from our Solera barrel that we’ve produced to date.

Appearance – Has a brilliant golden color with a slight haze, although that may be because I got a little bit of the yeast in the glass.  A fuzzy white head sits atop the beer and leaves lacing that sticks around for quite a bit.  There are dancing carbonation bubbles racing from the bottom of the glass trying to escape.

Aroma – The aroma on this beer is exceptional.  It’s delicate, yet complex.  Soft citric notes are most apparent, the carbonation likely is helping making these stand out.  There is also a vanilla character in the background, but no real wood flavor.  I also get the aroma from the skin of the fruit, it reminds me of green grapes.  Finally there is a pleasant lemony sour aroma.

Solera Project: Kiwi Berry (2016)

Solera Project: Kiwi Berry (2016)

Mouthfeel – Wow!  I never thought you could have perfect biting carbonation and a creamy mouthfeel at the same time.  It sounds like  an oxymoron, but that description is spot on.  I’ve noticed this in other variations of this barrel aged sour, so I think the Chardonnay barrel has a part in achieving this effect.  Was shooting for about 3.5 volumes for carbonation and it appears it was successful.

Taste – This beer begins with a soft citrus character along with green grape skin.  Towards the middle a lemony sourness begins to build.  As the sourness builds you get a little bit of the barrel character and Chardonnay flavors are more apparent.  After you finish the sourness sticks to your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

As I alluded to in the paragraph before my tasting notes, I wasn’t expecting much from this beer.  It took me by surprise.  This beer turned out way better than I had expected.  The delicate flavors from the kiwi berries marry very well with the base beer and barrel character.

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