Tasting: Mosaic, Galaxy and Huell Melon IPA (TBIBTFGSS)



I brewed this IPA about 3 months ago.  You can read up on the brew day here.  I was shooting for about 7.5% abv, but this monster ended up just shy of 8% abv.  It’s extremely drinkable despite the abv, which is very deceiving.

Appearance – It pours with a creamy white head that has legs and leaves tons of lacing in the glass as it settles.  There are visible hop particles still floating around from the massive dry hopping that distracts from the appearance slightly.  The beer itself is a straw color with visible carbonation bubbles.

Aroma – You can smell this beer a mile away.  You get a lot of raw hop aromas in the nose.  It’s very tropical forward with a bit of backing sweetness.

Mouthfeel – Moderate carbonation, right on for an IPA.  It has a little softness to it with some carbonation scrubbing the hop oils off your tongue.

Taste – The taste is loaded with tropical flavors.  I get tangerine, peach, orange and other citrus fruits.  It’s got a pleasant bitterness towards the finish and just a hint of sweetness.  Overall it’s pretty dry.  Again it’s extremely drinkable, despite the higher abv.

I’m super pleased with how this beer turned out.  You can read what others have thought about it on untappd.