Big Brew Day: Second Try IIPA (Zigzag)


Yesterday was the nation-wide event “Big Brew Day”. I participated at a local homebrew shop, Brew Brothers, in brewing a beer with approximately 30-40 other homebrewers. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sun and warm weather in the low 80’s.

Last year I brewed a double IPA entitled, “First Try Imperial IPA”. To continue the tradition, I brewed yet another DIPA yesterday with a slightly different grain bill, and completely different hop schedule. I substituted the honey for some Dextrose, while the remaining grain bill stayed the same. On the hops side I ended up using a combination of Galaxy, Simcoe, and Amarillo as late hop additions. Additionally I employed a 20 minute whrilpool/hop stand, which I’m very curious to see how it turns out.

I originally thought I missed my pre-boil gravity, so I didn’t start the 90 minute count down until 20 minutes after the boil started. I forgot to factor in the dextrose to the pre-boil gravity. So after the 90 minutes I lost a lot of wort (plus all that the hops soaked up). I ended up with 3 gallons of 1.090 wort. I brought it home and added my starter and starter wort to the fermenter as well as almost 2 gallons of distilled water.

Fermentation took off almost immediately and it’s currently holding steady at 67F in the fermentation chamber. In 2 weeks I’ll dry hop in primary and then keg it a week later.

You can view the recipe and notes in the recipes section.