Russian River Supplication Clone

Supplication Clone Primary Fermentation

Supplication Clone Primary Fermentation

I’ve brewed a few sour style beers, but have yet to have one turn out exactly like I wanted it to. One of my favorite beers is Russian River’s Supplication Ale. After a little internet research I came across any interesting thread on homebrewtalk, about a clone. It had a lot of useful information including some comments and suggestions from The Mad Fermentationist as well as correspondence from Vinnie Cilurzo himself! If interested, you should read through the post, as I am only going to document my procedure and results here.

Below is a quick look at the meat of the recipe. My full recipe and ongoing notes can be found in the recipes page.

Grain Bill

Amount Item Type
11.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain
1.50 lb Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain
1.00 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt – 40L (40.0 SRM) Grain
0.50 lb Carafa III (525.0 SRM) Grain

Boil Ingredients

Boil Amount Item Type
90 min 0.50 oz Hallertauer Hersbrucker [4.00 %] (90 min) Hops
90 min 1.00 oz Saaz [4.00 %] (90 min) Hops

Yeast and Bugs

Amount Item Type
1 Pkgs Abbey Ale (White Labs #WLP530) [Starter 35 ml] Yeast-Ale
1 Pkgs Belgian Sour Mix 1 (White Labs #WLP655) Yeast-Ale
1 Pkgs Russian River Supplication dregs Bugs
Pellicle developed during bulk aging.

Pellicle developed during bulk aging.

Brew day itself went extremely well. I collected all of the right volumes and ended up with an OG of 1.064 which was just .001 points higher than my desired gravity. I did forget to make a starter so I had someone go out during the brew day to pick me up another vial of Abbey Ale WLP530. Additionally my Belgian Sour Mix was only half full. Somehow it had leaked out when it was lying on it side (unopened) in my refrigerator. Because of this I also picked up an extra vial of Belgian Sour Mix 1 WLP655.

In addition to the yeast I had ordered 2 bottles of Russian River Supplication so that I could harvest the dregs. I made sure to get the freshest batch possible. I drank one during the brew day and added the last couple ounces directly to my fermenter along with the sour mix and Abbey yeast. The next day I added dregs from another bottle directly to the fermenter.

Fermentation was evident after 12 hours and fermented very strongly as can be seen in the photograph with the blow off tube. After about 3 weeks primary fermentation was complete and I started noticing a Pellicle forming on top of the beer, much to my delight. I have another update planned in the near future to discuss how I am going to proceed with this beer, my time-line, and the journey that it went through.