Brew Day: SMaSH Maris Otter and Galaxy IPA

Mashing Out

Mashing Out

I have been wanting to experiment some more with Galaxy hops after doing a single hop IPA with them previously. This time, I wanted to try a SMaSH(Single Malt and Single Hop). I had purchased a pound of Galaxy pellets last year so I already has my hop variety picked out, next I needed a grain. I had heard some good things about Maris Otter, so without much deliberation I developed an extremely simple IPA recipe. I wanted to use a very clean yeast with high attenuation. I originally decided on my White Labs WLP001 standby, but when I stopped at one of the homebrew stores to pick up my grain they only carried Wyeast, so I went with their similar strain 1056 American Ale.

Brew day went absolutely fantastic. I brewed at a fellow homebrew club member’s place and he was very accommodating. I set out not to make the same mistake I made last brew day which resulted in a stuck sparge. I was extremely careful and I ended up with exactly the right amount of wort after collecting the initial runnings and 2 sparges. Additionally my preboil gravity was right on the money. I had brought some gypsum, but forgot to add it, gypsum is supposed to help bring out the hop character in hoppy brews. The boil went fine and I got the wort chilled down in under 15 minutes with my wort chiller. I agitated the wort a bit after siphoning it into my bucket and pitched my yeast starter. After a little more agitation I threw the airlock on and put it in my car to take home. The original gravity was a few points higher than I expected, but still within the IPA range.

Since I had an empty kegerator, I decided to use it as a fermentation chamber. I placed the bucket inside and adjusted my temperature controller so that the bucket was at a constant 67-69 degrees. After 2 weeks I transfered it to a glass carboy and added 2.5 ounces of Galaxy pellets for dry hopping. I typically prefer whole leaf hops for dry hopping, but I already had the pellets from the pound, so I went with them. After another week I transfered it to a keg and it is now hooked up to CO2 carbonating. I’ll give it a try this week and post some notes from my tasting.

You can check out the recipe along with my notes on the Recipe Page.